The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System for Anxiety

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The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System for Anxiety. Start living and tackle your anxiety now. 


  • Eight insightful 20 to 40-minute Learning Pod MP3s
    Powerful exercises from some of the leading experts, all of whom have had and overcome their own anxiety.

    Short, guided visualizations with hypnotic components to help you achieve greater balance, more confidence, and lasting changes at the deepest level.

    Unique and unorthodox guidance on taming and dissolving anxiety to empower you with some of the most effective anti-anxiety programming available today.
  • Twelve 4 to 7-minute Emergency Pod MP3s
    Play an emergency pod as soon as you start feeling anxiety symptoms to interrupt anxiety's grasp on you.
  • Preparation, or "priming" audio segments to help prepare and train your brain for learning
  • Twenty-minute ambient audio specifically optimized for meditation, reflection, visualization, relaxation, and/or sleep to help you solidify everything you’ve learned
  • All audio pods are segmented into easily digestible portions. No confusion or overwhelm. Grow more comfortable with each listen.
  • Downloadable workbook containing helpful exercises to keep your insights and discoveries in one place

    All audio files in this system are downloadable MP3s that you can put on your phone, tablet, or computer for immediate access anytime.

It's time to get rid of anxiety. 

You probably know the feeling well. It’s the moment your heart starts to beat faster, your breathing gets shallow, and you start feeling tense… Not pleasant at all!

You already know what it’s like to live with anxiety, you don’t need anyone to explain it to you. You just want it to go away.

Anxiety will deteriorate your emotional and physical well-being. It wears you down and tires you out. Unfortunately, millions of people have accepted that anxiety is their new "norm" and they'll just have to deal with it for the rest of their life.

Anxiety shouldn’t be the norm for anyone!

You don’t have to live with it.

You don’t have to continue feeling insecure or fearful.

You don’t have to accept it and let it be a part of your daily life.

In fact, most anxiety is highly treatable. Yet, less than 40% of the people that have it get treatment. Many more try books, videos, and other anti-anxiety materials, and still cannot get into a more relaxed and comfortable space inside themselves.

Then there are those that have sought professional help through therapy and still can’t find the peace they are looking for.

The rest just give up because nothing seems to work.

That’s why this program exists. There is a path to freedom and ease with anxiety and it starts here.

The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System for Social and Generalized Anxiety is a guided audio program designed to help you overcome your anxiety, regain your confidence, become more relaxed, and bring peace into your life.

For the most effective, accessible learning and healing possible, this program is segmented into audio “pods”.

Each pod contains not only thought-provoking techniques and processes but also strong hypnotic elements designed to help your subconscious mind absorb the learning at a deeper level.

The Learning Pods

20 to 40-minute audio segments designed to:

  • empower you with the most effective anxiety-reducing and anxiety-eliminating techniques
  • expose you to unusual, unorthodox, and efficient methods of moving through and out of anxiety
  • interject short, guided visualizations to lock in the learnings at a deeper level
  • help you connect with deeper parts of yourself so that you can begin to make changes and decrease future anxiety episodes
  • train your brain to respond differently to anxiety-inducing moments
  • give you many tools and resources so that when anxiety tries to return, you can bring yourself into a calmer, more relaxed state of mind

The Emergency Pods

4 to 7-minute emergency audio segments designed to:

  • help you overcome anxiety the moment it starts
  • bring a calming voice to a tough situation, walking you toward a more peaceful state of mind
  • interrupt old anxiety patterns your brain usually defaults to, and help you create new, more resourceful patterns
  • keep you from losing yourself to anxiety by helping you regain your focus and see the world through a different lens
  • guide you like a friend, helping you feel safe and secure

All pods are a unique combination of conscious and subconscious elements to make sure you not only receive the most benefit but also don’t overthink things and get in your own way.

Start the experiential journey to make your life better today.


The goal of The S.A.F.E. System is to help bring you closer to feeling “normal” so that you can actually enjoy life again


These 20 to 40-minute powerful audios will equip you with the best, most effective anti-anxiety “rewiring" available.

Each Learning Pod contains not only expert, applicable guidance from anxiety coaches, health scientists, and other anxiety specialists, but also specially designed audio journeys that work at the subconscious level, helping you retain what you learn and shift your perceptions, decreasing all forms of anxiety.

Think of the Learning Pods as a way to recondition your brain to help you reach a new space inside yourself, creating new reactions and behaviors to situations instead of triggering unnecessary patterns of anxiety.


Think of these as mini emergency audios for you to play the moment you feel anxiety coming on.

They are specifically composed to help you relieve your anxiety symptoms as soon as possible. Play them immediately before and during an anxiety episode. A calming, caring voice will walk you through your toughest moments.

The Emergency Pods are 4 to 7-minutes in duration - purposefully short so that you can slip away from the crowd and get the immediate help and guidance you need.

Keep the Emergency Pods on your phone or tablet so that you can play them as needed.


If you really want to overcome your anxiety, it involves tackling it from every angle. This useful, printable workbook will help you explore and reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Using the workbook is not required, but it could be just what you need to loosen the grip anxiety has on you once and for all.

Every segment in The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System has something that will help you reflect. The workbook helps you to express those reflections, and also asks you insightful questions too.

Using the workbook you can track your progress and come back to your notes anytime you need a quick reminder of what you've learned, or what you need to continue focusing on and practicing.

Note: Writing in itself, even without using this system, is a powerful way to give your emotions a voice. When you do that, you help them release. The S.A.F.E. workbook keeps you focused on exactly what you need to keep moving toward overcoming anxiety completely.

Get your anti-anxiety toolkit today and start to feel the freedom and ease from anxiety. 

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The S.A.F.E. Empowerment System for Anxiety

4 ratings